Teri oe

Hi there!  Kaltxì!

This is a daily blog written in the language of the Na’vi.  Fì’u lu letrra pìlok a pamrel si fì’ur fa lì’fya Na’viyä.

I love all languages and try to learn a little bit of everything I can, while at the same time I am a big fan of science-fiction movies, so learning Na’vi was a no-brainer.  Oeru lu yawne fralì’fya, ulte fmi fte oe tsivun nivume ‘itit frauä a oe tsun, tengkrr nìteng oeru lu nìtxan prrte’ vur a lu kengay sì teri kifkey tìftiayä.  Ha tìnume leNa’vi lolu luke tìfpìl.

Please join me as I practice and teach what I know of this fun, new language.  Rutxe ’awstengyem oehu, tengkrr oe tskxekeng seri sì kerar futa oe omun teri fìlì’fya amip amowansì.

ta Keyl


2 responses

12 05 2010

I love languages too lol…. ^^

Teach me Na’vi lol :O

Where do you get all the info about the language btw?

eywa ngahu

12 05 2010

Kaltxì ma Pontus,

You can check out the links on this page: https://letrranavi.wordpress.com/important-links-tsrantena-wep-tseng/ for some of the resources I use most. Wikibooks.org/wiki/Na’vi is also a really good resource.

And there is a lot of good information at forum.learnnavi.org, as well as a fairly large community of people that are learning. : )


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